Athletes are provided with a huge selection of technological accessories necessary for training and competition. One of them is the pool backpack. It can store equipment, change of clothes and snacks. Since this item is used by swimmers quite often, the backpack should be durable and practical. How to choose a versatile and quality bag?

How models differ

The pool backpack can be used not only for hiking, but also for travel or daily walks.

Transit Backpack

Used by triathlons in competition and training in the transit zone. Models are made of waterproof fabric of increased strength. The larger versions have sections for a wetsuit and shoes. Inside there are zippered pockets for valuables.

Inventory bag

This is a mesh bag, in which aqua shoes, fins, snorkel, float belt, shoulder blades are placed. Made of air-permeable mesh that does not absorb water and dries quickly. It can be carried in the arms or on the shoulders with the straps released.

Bag without mesh

The accessory bag without mesh is required for storing wet items in the backpack. It is lightweight and versatile. The bag can be carried in a bag or on the shoulder.

For short trips

Compact and handy backpack with a volume of 30 liters, perfect for travel. These models have waterproof pockets in which you can leave personal documents, phone and keys. They are closed with a zipper or Velcro. Includes a waterproof bag for wet gear.

Long distance travel

Universal bag that can be used both for training in the pool and as carry-on baggage for a flight while traveling. The bag has a special compartment for a laptop, documents and other things with Velcro. Outside, you can attach additional bags to carabiners.


Triathlon competition consists of 3 stages: swimming, cycling and running. Each of them requires special equipment.

A spacious triathlon backpack will help you carry your gear. It has 3 separate sections for equipping each stage and additional pockets for personal items, water and medicine.

Backpack or bag: advantages and disadvantages

Professional swimming backpacks are designed to carry a large amount of equipment. They are capacious and durable, made of dense fabric with inserts that ensure the shape of the product. Inside there are pockets and sections, thanks to which things are always in place. Also, these models have special back pads that reduce pressure on the spine. The soft cushion on the lower back acts as a lumbar support.

Regular drawstring bags with 2 long handles cannot boast of such features. They only hold a towel and glasses, but all the items the swimmer needs will not fit in them. It is hard and uncomfortable to walk for a long time with such a bag on your shoulders.

A backpack is the choice of those who carry a lot of things on their shoulders. The bag is convenient for those people who go to the pool light, taking a small amount of accessories with them.

General selection rules

First of all, you need to decide on the size of the product. Analyze for what purpose you need to buy a sports backpack and what should fit in it. If you need to take a towel, change of clothes, additional swimming equipment, notes and a snack to the pool, then the miniature version will not work. In the case when it is necessary, on the contrary, to grab only swimming trunks and glasses, a backpack for swimming with a thousand compartments is an unnecessary thing. Professional swimmers purchase several bags at once and use them as appropriate.

Please Note Large bags and satchels may not fit as carry-on baggage on board. If you often fly to competitions in other countries, look for a medium-sized accessory.

The second criterion when choosing is water resistance. It is necessary to protect against leaks when wet swimsuits are in the compartment. Manufacturers create models that are completely leak-proof, as well as with a special pocket for wet or a separate bag.

Pay attention to the ventilation system of the bag. It is necessary so that wet things do not acquire an unpleasant odor, and also helps them dry.

Outside pockets are a nice bonus. You can put fins or a water bottle in them without taking up space. Inside the backpacks there are often 2 compartments: a capacious compartment and a small compartment. Each of them can create additional pockets for small items.

Check how the fasteners and fasteners on the bag work. They must be easy to open and close and also be durable. For extra protection of your belongings, you can buy a sports backpack with a zip lock.

Bags can be made of special rubberized fabrics or artificial materials (polyester, nylon).

It is absolutely impossible to take which model

Even famous brands have not the most practical models in their collections. What satchels are not worth even looking at?

  • without wet clothes compartment. The waterproof fabric compartment is a must for a good pool backpack. Without it, wet clothes will have to be folded into a separate bag;
  • no pockets. Compartments and pockets must be created in the bag. This allows you to more quickly find the items you need in the compartment, and also protects against leaks of liquids on gadgets. Look out for zippered pockets for your phone and wallet;
  • without straps regulation. A backpack dangling on the shoulders puts a lot of stress on the spine, and also just gets in the way because of the eternal need to correct it;
  • with a lot of awkward fasteners. Laconicism is the best solution for a sports accessory. Decorative fasteners on external pockets, Velcro or carabiners can catch on clothes, hair or foreign objects;
  • without special back padding. Anatomically shaped back with lining prevents slouching and reduces pressure on the skeleton;
  • from low quality material. The backpack lends itself to great mechanical stress: it is constantly loaded, snakes open and close, and can also be dropped. The accessory must withstand such tests without losing its qualities. Better to buy a sports backpack from a reliable manufacturer of swimwear: Arena, Speedo, TYR, HEAD .


You shouldn’t spare money on accessories and equipment for the pool. Versions made of low-quality material do not have the required level of ventilation and waterproofing. They will last a short time and may also negatively affect your back health.

The range of backpacks of famous brands is distinguished by a higher price, but also of better quality. They do not deform from heavy loads or falls, keep their shape well and are not afraid of moisture. Such accessories will serve swimmers for more than one year.

Which pool backpack to choose?

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