Triathlon is a sport that combines 3 different disciplines. The history of this activity began in 1920 in Europe. During this period, competitions were held in France, the purpose of which was to run 3 km, ride 12 km on a bicycle, and then cross a water channel. The triathlon known today was born on September 25, 1974. 46 people took part in the first championship. How was the first triathlon competition? You can read about this in the article

Triathlon is divided into winter and summer. Summer includes swimming, running and cycling, while winter includes running, cyclocross and skiing.

Existing distances

The length of the track to be covered differs from the venue and the conditions of the organizers. There are 20 varieties in total, the most popular are:

Classic (Ironman)

Also called the iron distance is considered one of the most difficult. It consists of a swim, a race and a bicycle race at 3.8 / 180 / 42.2 / km. Athletes are given 17 hours to complete. Those who can meet the deadline and pass the runway receive the title of “Iron Man”.


Participants call the distance half. It is twice shorter than the classic one, and consists of a 1.9 swim, a 90 bike race and a 21 km race. It is considered preparatory to Ironman.


The course has the following objectives: swim 1.5 km, cycle 40 and run 10 km. From the two thousandth the distance is included in the summer Olympic program and the World Championship. It appeared for a simple reason: the audience was not ready to watch the participants for 10+ hours. The organizers have reduced all standards to retain fans and advertisers.


A short version of the track, consisting of 750 meters of water racing, 20 km of cycling and 5 km of running. Sprint preparation is different from Ironman tactics.


Halved sprint range: 0.375 – 10 – 2.5 km. This competition is for the younger age groups.

Youth category is given to those who meet in 37 minutes. With a good level of preparation, the route can be overcome quite easily.

How are the competitions in winter?

Winter triathlon is very popular in places where warm weather does not indulge. The winter triathlon consists of running, cycling and skiing. The distance is regulated and established by the international union: race – 2000 m, 4000 m bike ride and 3000 m ski race.

There is also a cross triathlon and cross duathlon, which take place on rough terrain. Athletes use mountain bikes. Also, competitions can be held indoors – called InDoor.

How to get a discharge

Achievements can only be recorded with the participation of an official certified organizer. The sports category is assigned at city or regional stages. Participants can get a Candidate for Master only at competitions at a level not lower than regional ones.

You won’t get bored in this sport. It keeps you in constant drive and pleasant tension, motivates you to work for results and win. Anyone who has ever tried himself on one of the tracks will forever remember these sensations.

We wish you achievement of goals and sports victories!

Triathlon: what are the distances

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