Many people want to speed up the process of losing weight. In pursuit of the result, those who are losing weight resort to folk methods that supposedly help get rid of fat deposits faster. Runet is full of information about special film wraps or thermal underwear for running, which increase sweating, thereby accelerating weight loss. But what do such tricks actually bring?

Professional athletes unanimously shout that the use of such methods is dangerous to health and does not help to lose weight faster! Let’s take a look at why you shouldn’t dress warmer for a run.

Sweat is not equal to fat

It is a mistake to believe that the fluid excreted from the body is equal to the percentage of lost kilograms. This illusion is due to the fault of the trainers in gyms seeking to increase their authority. They asked their students to weigh themselves before class and then immediately after. Due to profuse sweating, those losing weight lost a lot of fluid (50-200 ml). Immediately after the exercise, you could see your “progress” on the scales. But all this is a deception: as soon as you replenish your fluid reserves, the figure on the scales will return to its initial value.

Sports progress cannot be noticed in an hour of running. It takes regular exercise, proper diet and healthy sleep to kickstart the real fat burning process.

What is the danger of deliberately increasing sweating?

Going for a run in the equipment unsuitable for the current weather conditions can lead to injuries and health problems. Why is it dangerous:

Dehydration and overheating

Running in thermal underwear in warm weather can cause the body to overheat. Excessive sweating, which those who want to lose weight quickly achieve, is a protective function that helps to cool the body when the temperature rises from high physical activity: sweat, flowing down the body, cools the cover. The body removes all the liquid to cool you, dehydration occurs, and the load on the heart and blood vessels increases. The brain gives the order to all systems to protect the heart: the rush of blood with oxygen is not directed to the muscles under stress. As a result, the heart is overworked, the muscles have not received enough oxygen and nutrients. This causes a loss of pace and a decrease in calorie expenditure.

The only sure way to start the fat burning process is to achieve the difference between calories received and burned. The amount of sweat removed does not affect the amount of calories burned. They can only be increased with more physical activity.

Loss of trace elements

Sweat has a water base, which contains salts and metabolic products. With profuse sweating, the body loses important trace elements that are used for life support. With an abundant loss of these components, a person may lose consciousness or die.

How to run and lose weight?

Doctors recommend going out for a run early in the morning (6-8 hours). During this period, the human body has the lowest sugar level, which contributes to a rapid transition to the fat burning phase. This process begins approximately 20-30 minutes after the start of physical activity: you should allocate at least 40 minutes for a run.

Be sure to hydrate during your workout. Take a sip every 10-15 minutes. Immediately after your run, you need to have a snack: it should be healthy food, full of carbohydrates and proteins.

The process of losing weight can be long and difficult, and it seems that by resorting to such folk tricks, you can break the system. However, this is a misconception that can cause health problems! Running is a great and sure way to strengthen your muscles and core, and also lose weight. Approach training wisely, and the result will not keep you waiting. Love yourself and your body!

The more sweat, the more fat is lost: is that so?

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