Everyone who enjoys swimming in the pool knows that underwater goggles are an important part of the comfort of a exercising person. It is easier to swim with them, the eyes are not irritated by water disinfectants, there is no sense of interference with vision. Swimming goggles are completely different, they are classified: training, amateur, children, swimming goggles with diopters, goggles, half masks, and also starting ones. The latter will be discussed in this article. Who invented them, what are these glasses for, how to choose them? Let’s figure it out!

arena стартовые очки

A little sports history

Starting points are needed for athletes who often participate in competitions of different levels. Often they are simply called “Swedes” or “glass”. Why? The first manufacturer of starting points was the Swedish company Malmsten in the 70s of the last century. This is where the name “Sweddish goggles” or, very briefly, “Swedes” came from. “Swedes” are necessary for high-speed swimming, convenience and maximum glide. The followers who saw the popularity and effectiveness of the first glasses for professionals were Arena, Speedo, TYR. But even after half a century, the Malmsten Starter Goggles are a legendary sportswear icon.


What are starting swim goggles

The comparatively low price of starting goggles and their construction without pads is a definite plus of this model of swimming goggles. Usually they are sold not whole, but in detail, disassembled so that a person himself can adjust the length of the bridge of the nose under the facial bones. After all, we are all different and the same glasses for the majority, as you know, can not be. Cheap starter lenses are usually manufactured without an antifog system. More expensive glasses are made using special technologies that take into account the hydrodynamics of the swimming process, and using high-quality polymers.

Recommendations for starting glasses and lens color

The main things to consider for the athlete:

  • it is obligatory to measure glasses in the store: this thing is purely individual;
  • the glasses fit snugly to the skin around the eyes;
  • it is not necessary to put glasses on the eyebrows, but only under them ;
  • glasses should not put pressure on the eyes. However, let the rubber band properly press the lenses to the eyes;
  • for the sensitive skin around the eyes, glasses are not produced with silicone, but with microporous gaskets. There is almost no redness after use, but the elastic should be tightened;
  • the place of the elastic is on the back of the head;
  • if the adjustment of the elastic according to your head size is not manual, but automatic with the presence of a clip, then tighten it tightly, but so that the vessels are not pinched;
  • The bridge of the nose should not hurt from glasses. A good option to find a suitable bridge on the bridge of the nose would be a kit with several different parts or step adjustment of the length of the bridge of the nose;
  • if you are not worried about the cost of starting glasses, then take several “Swedes” at once. The fact is that each pair is different and what seems to be the sensations in the store, during training, it feels differently. This also applies to lens color;


H what is an antifog system?

An unpleasant phenomenon for an athlete – the appearance of condensation on the glasses – is caused by the difference in body temperature and water in the pool. The problem has been investigated for a long time, and in order to prevent it, they came up with a system that prevents glass from fogging. The inner side of the lens is coated with the finest transparent polymer. Its absorbent properties allow you to remove condensation, which allows the athlete to not be distracted for about 40 minutes. Due to chlorine, the effect of this coating is weakening every day, and in order to renew it, a special antifog spray is used. You can extend the life of your moisture-absorbing system:

  • properly storing glasses;
  • putting them on dry skin;
  • without wetting them before use;
  • rinsing them in running water after it;
  • without wiping them from the inside.
Starting Swimming Goggles

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