Swimming goggles are an important accessory for a swimmer. The comfort and concentration of the athlete depends on the correct choice of the model. Strong eye protection reduces voltage and noise. They differ in characteristics, material from which they are made and purpose. One of the most sought-after options among professional athletes is the starting goggles, also called Swedes.

What are starting swim goggles?

Starting models were created for competition swims. Starting swim goggles feature a low profile and minimal bleeder thickness. This allows them to sit tightly on the face, without flying off during a strong push and dive. The lenses are tilted to increase the athlete’s visibility. Manufacturers think over the design so as to provide maximum comfort to the athlete. The glasses have a double strap for more slip protection. Manufacturers add fasteners that provide better fixation and protection of the eyes from water ingress.

Pay attention! Starting options are designed for heats in competitions. You can’t just swim in the pool in them, as the tight fit of the material to the eyes can cause irritation and discomfort.

Features of starting swimming goggles:

  • tight tight fit;
  • high strength of fasteners;
  • thin spacer between lens and face;
  • high waterproofing.

The special design of these glasses allows them to be sold disassembled, so that each athlete can independently adjust the length of the bridge of the nose to suit his parameters. One pair may not suit everyone: the structure of the human skull is unique. The models are available in different price ranges. More affordable options have lenses without an antifog system. Expensive models have a special glass protection system. Such high-level accessories are produced by such companies as Arena, Speedo, Tyr, HEAD . Each boasts a wide range of starting options. Manufacturers also paid attention to open water competitions. Models for triathlon are represented by a wide range of various options.

How the starting models differ from the training ones

Often, as an accessory during training, athletes choose those models in which they enter the competition. However, for frequent workouts, it is recommended to choose options with a different fit: softer. Such models will not squeeze the bridge of the nose and press on the eyes.

Training models differ from the starting ones by the soft fit, the material: they are made of soft silicone, the lenses are made of plastic with UV protection. Training models can have an adjustable bridge of the nose that allows you to adjust the distance between the eyes. Swedes sit tightly on their faces.

How to choose your starting swim goggles

The choice of accessories for sports should not be left to chance. Any outfit should fit perfectly. When choosing which goggles to buy, you should follow these rules:

  • Check if the fasteners and straps are tight. Put them on in the store for a few minutes.
  • Make sure that the lens pad fits snugly around the eye area, but this does not create painful pressure.
  • Check the skin after fitting: it should not be too reddened.
  • Make sure the elastic is firmly on the back of the head and does not fall off.

Remember! Starting points are an individual thing. These must be purchased after trying on, making sure they fit perfectly. Manufacturers release options for sensitive skin with microporous lining, they are less pressure on the eyes.

Each pair is unique. During training, the swimmer will feel the features of the accessory, their fit and shape. Experts recommend purchasing several pairs of Swedes at once in order to choose the very one in the process of wearing.

Anti-fog lenses

The appearance of condensation on the glass knocks down any athlete. World manufacturers treat glasses with an anti-fogging agent. Swimming goggles A rena have good visibility. They withstand temperature changes and protect against condensation. Many models come with interchangeable bridge braces.

Goggles for swimming TYR are highly durable … All models have a protective layer on the lenses to help prevent unpleasant deposits on the inside of the glasses.

Swimming goggles S peedo can be used both in the pool and in open water … The lenses are covered with a special layer of a protective agent that protects against temperature extremes, chlorinated and salt water and ultraviolet radiation.

How to extend service life

Many factors affect the condition and quality of a swimming accessory. For an accessory to live for a long time and serve a swimmer, the following rules must be followed:

  • store the accessory in a special case;
  • put them on dry skin;
  • do not wet glasses before diving;
  • rinse under running water after swimming;
  • do not rub the glass from the inside.

Swedes are loved by swimmers for their perfect fit, high tightness, and the ability to withstand intense swims.

It is recommended to switch to Swedes one year after starting swimming. If you feel comfortable in a tight fit, then you can use the models on an ongoing basis. Starting goggles for swimming in the pool will be your reliable assistant.

Start without fear of losing points! Factor for victory

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