Swimming equipment includes a number of useful accessories. One of the most important elements is fins. Their quality determines how fast the swimmer can move in the water and the level of his movement technique. The pool models are produced in different modifications: short, standard and for children. Before you buy pool fins, it’s worth checking out their features.

For the pool

Short pool fins are designed for practicing techniques. They are made from a tough material. Silicone, rubber and plastic are the main materials for their manufacture. Thanks to the dense back, the swimmer feels better the movements of the legs, and can control the technique of sports swimming styles:

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  • throw ;
  • butterfly ;
  • technique on the back.

Swimmers of any level are trained in fins: from novice athletes to Olympic champions. Trainers recommend and athletes prefer to use silicone fins for pool workouts, because this material cannot seriously injure other athletes on the same track.


TYR Stryker Silicone Kids

Children’s fins for the pool serve as an auxiliary tool for practicing swimming techniques young athlete. They stabilize the position of the body in the water and increase the speed of movement. Also, sometimes, they help get rid of the fear of water in children. Trainers recommend buying this silicone accessory. This material does not irritate the skin. Children’s models do not differ in appearance from adults, but are available in smaller sizes.

For diving

MARES Diving Models

Diving fins differ in design from pool swim models … They have wider blades to help overcome water resistance. There are rubber, combined (plastic with rubber elastic inserts) and completely plastic fins. Most often, athletes use models with galoshes with an open heel. They optimize your stroke force.


The swimming monofin is a popular training accessory for swimmers. Thanks to the one-piece design, the swimmer jumps with both feet, which increases the diving speed. At the same time, a person does not need to make great efforts. Maneuvering occurs at the expense of the hull. The swimmer’s movements are similar to the swinging of the tail of a fish. It is worth buying a monofin not only for athletes, but also for amateur swimmers who want to move underwater faster than others.

How to make a selection

The choice of an accessory should be thoughtful and balanced. You cannot buy fins without trying them on. They should fit snugly on the foot without tightening the skin. If they dangle on the leg or put pressure on the foot, the swimmer will not be able to perform the correct stroke.

The shape is matched to the exercise technique and swimming style. More rigid ones increase movement speed. Short options help to work out the movements efficiently. The wide ones are an accessory for breaststroke training, and the long ones are for the butterfly. Classic forms are universal, they are used for practicing all swimming styles, but mainly crawling and on the back. When working out breaststroke, special models are also used.

Fins are an essential accessory for a swimmer who is working on the quality of his movements. This small device can revolutionize swimming technique and improve athlete performance.

Secrets of choosing pool fins: how to swim better

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