Well-chosen sports accessories and equipment are the main assistants of the swimmer. Correctly “seated” glasses do not distract the swimmer from achieving the goal. They protect your eyes while swimming and also allow you to clearly see the finish line and follow straight to it.

The glasses are recommended not only for professional athletes in training, but also for amateurs when swimming in open waters and pools. This accessory is especially useful for swimmers who practice in chlorinated water. To they serve for a long time and reliably, you need to study their features at the time of purchase. If you love swimming and sports in general, you will definitely like the Parimatch blog.

Categories of Swimming Goggles

Swimming goggles are divided into categories: starting, training, masks, triathlon, with diopters.


Start – have a more rigid fit than training. The shape of this type of glasses is hydrodynamic. The sealer is a special pad that protects against skin chafing and water leakage. The pick-off in the starting goggles is made of tougher silicone. Glasses without it are called “Swedes” or “glass”. They fit snugly to the swimmer’s face. In Swedes, you can stay in the pool for a long time.


  • high strength;
  • eye protection from water;
  • tight fit on the face.


Glasses cause discomfort in the bridge of the nose and eyes during prolonged swimming.


Training models are created for athletes and amateurs who practice their skills in the pool. They are designed for long-term use in water. Models are made using soft silicone.


  • soft touch of the silicone to the skin;
  • 100% tight;
  • high strength;
  • sun protection;
  • anti-fogging;
  • comfort.


They do not fit tightly to the face: they can move or fly off during a jerk.

Swimming masks

The swimming mask is a voluminous version of the glasses that covers most of the face. This model is designed for open water swimming, not a pool. Masks can be equipped with anti-fog lenses impregnated with UV protection.


  • high tightness;
  • adjustable strap size;
  • gentle contact with the skin.

Triathlon and open water

Open water and triathlon goggles feature a low profile that reduces hydrodynamic resistance. They have a wide viewing angle. They are designed to be light colored to provide the swimmer with sufficient visibility even in muddy water. Models with mirrored and polarized lenses is a recent accessory. They protect the eyes from UV and water glare by darkening the glass.


  • high visibility;
  • comfortable fit on the bridge of the nose;
  • water glare protection;
  • leakage protection.


Some models have less hydrodynamic properties due to their increased size.


The prescription models have been designed to improve visibility underwater for visually impaired swimmers. They are equipped with lenses with different levels of magnification, which are individually selected for each athlete.

There are assembled models for sale, ie ready-made glasses with diopters. There are also options with the ability to insert lenses of the desired diopters. This is convenient when the eyes have different indicators of vision. Lenses for glasses, in this case, are purchased separately.

Eyeglass designs

Glasses are made of elastic material that can adapt to the peculiarities of the shape of the face. Manufacturers create models of different designs. Main views:

  • with adjustable nose bridge. Equipped with a stepped clasp located on the bridge of the nose. With its help, you can adjust the attachment distance between the lenses, comfortably seating the glasses on the bridge of the nose. This allows for a snug fit of the glasses, reducing the risk of water ingress;
  • with removable nose bridge. In a set of professional glasses, they come in different lengths;
  • cast glasses. Models of this design cannot be adjusted. Their choice should be taken seriously, choosing a perfectly fitting option. Die-cast models are considered more durable.

How to choose glasses for the pool?

Choosing glasses today is a real adventure. Manufacturers release options for professionals and hobbyists in different configurations. When choosing, you should pay attention to the specialization of the model. Buy professional swimming goggles is worth the swimmers who go in for sports on a regular basis.

Attention! Diopter models are not suitable for people with 100% vision.

Lens color plays an important role. Glasses with light lenses are recommended for deep pools or places with poor lighting.

Mirrored lenses or tinted lenses – an option for swimming in open water and other places with bright light. Smoked glass options will distort colors. Blue – removes bright spots on the water, helping to increase concentration. UV protection is recommended for open water swimming.

Before you buy swimming goggles, it is important to try on several different models. The couple should not put pressure on the area of ​​the nose, forehead, orbit. If you have a slight discomfort when trying on, you should not take glasses.

If the model fits perfectly, all that remains is to choose the right color. Modern manufacturers produce a wide variety of models in different designs.

How to choose children’s swimming goggles?

The choice of glasses for a child should be approached with responsibility. The appearance of discomfort while wearing an accessory or its leakage can discourage the child from continuing to exercise.

Children’s swimming goggles have the same design as adults. The only difference is the size. Children’s swimming goggles are created especially for young swimmers TYR (Shooting range) in bright colors. Experts recommend buying children’s goggles for swimming in the pool with a neoprene seal as the first model, which relieves pressure on the skin. When switching to frequent training, you can change such a pair to a model with rubber or silicone seals. For swimmers over 12 years old, adult accessories are suitable, matched to the size of the head.

The choice depends on the age and activity of the child. The model should not fly off the head or squeeze the bridge of the nose. Starting glasses are useful for a child only after 3 years of training. The whiskey overlay options provide a better view.

Manufacturer HEAD Offers ready-made sets for kids HEAD METEOR – glasses and a hat in the same style.

How to choose the right glasses in the store

Each person’s head shape is unique. When choosing an accessory, you need to try it on. Even if the price is high for swimming goggles, they may not fit and cause discomfort.

The secret to choosing the right size: Press down on the lenses with your fingers, gently pressing them against your face. They should stick. Get your hands off if the lenses don’t fall off – the size fits.

A mask that does not fit snugly on the face will allow water to pass through and fall off.

Which lens color to choose

Glasses are equipped with lenses of different colors and brightness. Eyeglass lens tints are not a trendy thing. Each color helps the eyes adapt to swimming in certain conditions.

The lighter the lens, the more light penetrates the glass. The blue tint reduces brightness and glare. Pink improves contrast and is made for open water swimming. Spectacles with yellow lenses increase the clarity of visible objects and are recommended for use in the pool. Colorless, slightly tinted lenses reduce eye pressure. They are recommended for novice athletes.

Which brand of swimming goggles to choose

Professional swimming goggles are produced by many companies. The most famous and well-established brands are Speedo , HEAD, TYR, Arena, MadWave. The cost of products of each brand depends on the technological features of the models. The most budgetary line boasts “MadWave” (Medwave). The manufacturers “TYR” (Tyr) and “Arena” (Arena) produce lines with mirrored lenses and a polarized surface. The companies also create products for women, characterized by compact size and bright colors. Starting Goggles for Swimming S peedo (Speedo) in the line Pure Focus Mirror Considered the fastest: drag reduced by up to 5% compared to the previous model Speedo FastSkin Elite Mirrored .

Anti-fogging glasses

The fogging problem is familiar to many swimmers. A special tool can help to cope with such a nuisance – antifog.

How to avoid fogging:

  • do not touch the inside of the lenses with your hands;
  • do not leave in the sun;
  • do not leave glasses in a hot place;
  • rinse with cold water after each workout;
  • store glasses in a special case .

By following these simple rules, the duration of exposure to the protective agent can be extended up to 5 months.

How to wear swimming goggles

You can learn how to put on your swimming accessory the first time. The rules are simple:

1. Lift the headband with your fingers. Attach lenses to eyes. Press down on the frame slightly. It sticks to the skin.

2. Adjust the fit on the bridge of the nose if required.

3. Pull the strap of the glasses over the crown of the head perpendicular to the frame. Adjust the length of the straps.

4. Pull the lenses away from the face, checking the pressure on the bridge of the nose … If it is too high, loosen the straps.

Recommendations from swimmers: wear goggles and a swimming cap on top. This will make your glasses less likely to fall off in the water.

How to increase the level of comfort

Coaches recommend using Swedes only in competitions, and wearing models with seals for training. Even the most expensive glasses and masks leave marks and small dents on the face. After a productive workout, the trace will remain on the face for about an hour. We recommend using neoprene frames for those with sensitive skin. They are distinguished by a spongy structure that prevents the frame from sticking to the face. However, this material is not as strong as silicone. This pair will last much less.

Proper care and storage of your glasses will help extend their lifespan. Choose your model carefully when buying, do not hesitate to try on glasses from different manufacturers. Only a pair of quality material that fits perfectly on your face will help you win!

Where to buy swimming goggles

Give preference to specialized sports stores only. When ordering accessories online, it is recommended that you choose a pair with an adjustable nose bridge. In case this is not the first purchase and the size is known for sure, you can take an identical model on the site. Even for the same brand, the fit of glasses in different lines is different.

Do not neglect the consultation service from our store employees. We will help you choose the product according to your requirements and desires.

How to choose the right swimming goggles – tips and tricks!

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