Those who are familiar with sports swimming, and often study the final protocols of swimming competitions, know their structure. A lot of useful information can be obtained from the protocol. The place that the athlete took, the number of the swim and the track on which he swam. There is personal information about the swimmer: surname, name, sports category (relevant only for the Russian Federation), sports organization (city or country) for which it stands. Also, from the final protocol, you can find out the layout of the distance by time intervals, as well as the athlete’s progress in comparison with his declared time. And finally we got to the column called FINA Points. Let’s take a look at these magic numbers and find out why they were introduced and how fin points are used in practice.

Fin points are tabulated in special tables. Fin point tables separately calculated for short (25 meters) and long (50 meters) water. The tables are also calculated separately for each type of program and are divided by gender (Men, Women).

How are data calculated in Fina tables? The answer is very simple, the International Swimming Federation (Fina) has developed a special formula for converting the time shown on the course into points.

There are no problems with the T variable, we already know how much the swimmer covered the distance. But how to find out B? Base times are determined each year based on the latest FINA approved world records. For pools of 25 meters (SCM), the base time is determined by 31 August. For pools of 50 meters (LCM), the base time is determined at the end of the year (December 31).

For convenience, you can download ready-made tables of fin points, or a special fin point calculator. What to use, you choose – it depends on your preferences.

Why do we need Fina glasses? Another question will help you answer this question, no matter how strange it sounds! How to compare a swimmer swimming breaststroke with a swimmer who swims a dolphin, and even at different distances, the first 200 meters, and the second 100 meters? Yes, just apply the fin point table and find out who is higher in the ranking. With the finals table, it became possible to calculate the team score, identify the best athletes in the competition, as well as build ratings of athletes.

FINA Swimming Points

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