Moving to the category of a professional athlete who is ready to participate in competitions, the swimmer needs to stock up on the necessary equipment. One of the most important components is the wetsuits and jumpsuits.

Why do you need a wetsuit

Professional swimming competitions are not complete without a wetsuit. This is not just a stylish accessory for the swimming stars, but also an important and technological outfit.

Please note! The swimsuit must be FINA approved. You can check this by looking at the white sticker on the back.

Key benefits:

Muscle Compression

The suit increases the swimmer’s streamlining, and as a result, increases the speed of overcoming the water column. The thin but dense fabric from which the suit is sewn tightens the muscles, creating a compression effect. Buy a wetsuit is required for all swimmers who wish to reduce water resistance. A swim in a wetsuit will be completed faster than without it. However, it should be understood that success is guaranteed only by the technicality and skills of the athlete himself, and not by the expensive uniform.

Feeling comfortable

Starting wetsuits for swimming are practically not felt on the body. They are created from a material with a “second skin” effect. Due to the manufacturability of the material, the shape is light. It provides a sense of security and confidence. Many swimmers report that they are more focused and determined in a suit.

Perfect fit

The rigid fit of the suit guarantees perfect fit and support. Bathing suits cannot provide this level of fit. In the athlete’s head there are only thoughts about victory, and not worries that the swimsuit will fly off.

Pay attention! The suit must be tailored to fit. It is recommended to try it on before starting, making sure that it does not press or rub anywhere.

Wetsuit life

Swimming pool wetsuit is designed for 12-15 starts. It is made of a material that wears out quickly and loses its properties due to frequent wear: it needs to be renewed regularly.

How to put it on

It is imperative that you remove all jewelry and sharp objects in advance that could damage the suit. Girls need to cut their nails or use gloves. The suit must be completely dry. Moisture makes it less pliable, making it difficult to don. When trying on for the first time at home, you can use a little trick: measure the suit on nylon tights for better gliding over the body. Beginners should watch a video tutorial on how to put on the right starter suit.

  1. Gently pull the legs above the knees, bending the bottom edge outward.
  2. Pull the suit up to the body. Make sure the bottom fits snugly.
  3. Put your arms up your sleeves.
  4. Pull up the fabric in the body area. Bend down to distribute the tissue in the pelvic area.
  5. Ask the coach or team member to pull up the back of the wetsuit (if necessary).

Pay attention! If the wetsuit is not tight, you will not fight with other athletes, but with the wetsuit during the race.

The manufacturer’s dimensional grid and the store’s consultant will help you to choose the right size correctly. Wetsuits are non-exchangeable and non-returnable, so please make sure to select them responsibly!

Specialized clothing is not suitable for training and recreational swimming. The new wetsuit can be easily “killed” by using it outside of professional competitions. You can buy a swimming suit on our website from the companies Arena, Speedo, TYR, Michael Phelps, HEAD. In the line of each manufacturer there are options for different levels of training and price segment. Suits for girls are also presented in the catalog.

Why do you need jetshorts?

Starting hydroshorts – an irreplaceable assistant to swimmers in the fight for the best performance during the swim. They provide muscle compression: they compress the muscle corset, which helps to achieve a streamlined hip shape. This allows the swimmer to glide faster in the water, reducing resistance. The right accessory can help shorten the time you cover the distance.

Service life of hydroshorts

Shorts are made of an elastic material that tends to stretch over time. After long-term use, the accessory begins to lose its compression and moisture removal properties. Professionals recommend changing your swim shorts after 7-10 starts.

Which model to choose?

On our site you will find a wide range of models hydroshorts for children and adults from the best sports manufacturers: Arena, Speedo, TYR, Michael Phelps, HEAD.

An important criterion for choosing hydroshorts is size. The garment should fit perfectly, without interfering with the concentration on the competition. We have created a convenient filter of the catalog by size. In the description of each model, you will find a dimensional grid. Our consultants are always in touch and ready to help you choose the right size.

The elastic models are created by the Arena company, it is comfortable to start in their shorts. Stiffer and more shaping shorts are created for sprinters by Michael Phelps. They provide maximum compression. Versatile models with special fit technology from Speedo are suitable for both sprinters and distancers.

What determines the price

It is possible to buy hydroshorts on our website from 4000 rubles. Model cost is influenced by:

  • fabric composition;
  • model manufacturability;
  • compression ratio;
  • brand.

HEAD Models for Kids and Adults

Rules for putting on hydroshorts

It is very important not to make sudden movements when putting on sports equipment, as they can damage the material. Instructions:

  1. Bend the silicone stripes created along the bottom edge.
  2. Gently pull the legs up to knee level.
  3. Spread out the silicone strips.
  4. Fold back the rubberized waistband.
  5. Put on the shorts until the end. Straighten the edge.

The opinion of professionals

How many people, so many opinions. Some professional athletes “pray” for technological equipment, others hate it. Before the advent of new sports technology, swimmers competed in swimsuits and swimming trunks. The situation changed at the beginning of the 2000s. Then technological swimming outfits took the stage, which became a sensation in the world of swimming. Despite such attractive form abilities, many famous old school swimmers have abandoned this type of form.

The famous sprinter Alexander Popov, having tried swimming in a suit for the first time, said that he refused such a form, calling it tights. However, after 3 years, he still had to put on the hated tights, because a clause on special equipment was added to the competition rules.

There were also unpleasant situations when the suits were torn during dressing before the start. A scandalous incident happened with Anastasia Aksenova in Beijing. The outfit ripped apart on the girl before the start. The athlete had no choice but to put on her swimsuit on top. By the way, the famous athlete Michael Phelps has an assistant with him, who puts on his uniform, and also keeps spare “outfits” ready. This allows him to save his strength for the swim, as well as not accidentally tearing his uniform.

Elena Bogomazova is of the opinion that the competition should be divided into categories: in suits and swimsuits. This will be more fair, says the Honored Master of Sports of the Russian Federation. Returning to swimming the old fashioned way only in bathing suits will not work. Swimming has become not only a sport, but also a commercial one: advertising of sports companies and sponsors on clothes has too many fans.

Fight! For speed and best result

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