Swimming is considered one of the best physical activities. Water training strengthens the spine and each muscle, boosts immunity and reduces varicose veins, and improves mood. Women’s swimwear is divided into 3 types depending on functionality: beach, evening and sports.

Beach options are created for a long time in the sun and sea water. They are not afraid of salt and ultraviolet radiation. The main task of such models is to emphasize the figure and open as many areas for tanning as possible. Evening options are decorated with rhinestones and stones, they are worn for parties by the water.


Sports swimsuits can be either one-cut or separate with a closed bodice with good bust support. In sportswear, the main thing is the feeling of comfort. The separate sports set consists of a closed bra and swimming trunks. This type of equipment is convenient for training both in the pool and in open water. An added benefit is that you can get an even tan when exercising outdoors.

Popular styles

Sports swimwear is more closed-in than their beach counterparts. They provide maximum support for the chest and cover the buttocks almost completely.

Variety of swimming trunks

Bikinis are miniature low-rise swimming trunks. They are distinguished by thin straps on the hips. This style is suitable for slender girls, as too open swimming trunks emphasize all the flaws.

You can buy women’s swimming trunks separately and choose a top for them. Various colors of swimming trunks in this category are offered by the brand TYR (Tyr). For example, the model is TYR Solid Bikini Bottom is available in several base colors. Swimsuit model HEAD Spritz goes with bikini bottoms and an interesting top.

Mini-bikini – a frank form of swimming trunks for daring girls. Such panties are also called thongs. Mini bikinis are perfect for the beach; professional swimmers do not choose this option.

Slips are closed swimming trunks of a classic style. They can completely cover the buttocks or have a beveled edge that lengthens the legs. Such patterns make the figure flatter. Swimsuit model HEAD Cross Extra has swimming trunks and a top with the possibility of transformation.

Shorts – elongated swimming trunks. They fit snugly on the figure, well tighten the buttocks and hips. These swimming trunks are suitable for girls with narrow hips. Swimsuit model HEAD Splice Plus with shorts are available in a wide range of sizes.

Sporty bottoms often have low cutouts that cover the hips. It’s better to forget about the options with decor or ruffles: they are appropriate on the beach.

How to choose the top

Girls with large breasts should pay attention to bras with lining or sewn-in cups. Additional fixation is provided by wide straps. Top model TYR Anzan Amira Top is a good option for supporting large forms. It is recommended to buy a two-piece swimsuit with adjustable straps: this will allow you to tighten the bra and fix it at a comfortable level. Excellent support for the chest and emphasis on the beauty of the shoulders will be provided by a top with crossed straps on the back.

For active training of athletes in outdoor pools, you should look at tops with thin straps, good fixation on the body. Tops TYR Trinity will do their best function.

Top with a closed back, a neckline or a drop-neckline is a comfortable outfit for overweight women. It tightens and closes the body and supports the chest.

Some models of separate sports tops and swimming trunks are equipped with special rubber reinforcements. They are designed for minimal stress during training. There are few similar styles on the market.

Which style to choose by the type of figure

Even during a hard workout, a woman wants to remain attractive. For a sports swimsuit to be not only equipment, but also decoration, it is important to take into account the peculiarities of the physique.

Girls with an hourglass figure with a feminine silhouette are advised to choose a top with crisscross straps at the back. High-waisted bottom will help to emphasize the narrow waist. Almost all types of swimming trunks are suitable for girls with this type of figure.

For those with a pear shape, it is necessary to create a balance between thin shoulders and curvy hips. V-neck or tie-neck bodices paired with a classic bottom can help with this. Tops with long sleeves can also balance the figure. Choose bright colors with large patterns.

Rectangular women need models that add femininity and soft curves. Separate swimwear with a belt at the waist, V-neck or long tops to the navel will help to visually emphasize the waist. Swim trunks should be chosen high.

Girls with an “apple” figure most often have a wide waist and hips, but small breasts. A set with a high waist and an asymmetrical top will help to create balance with such a physique.

Material technology

Professional athletes recommend choosing a uniform from well-known and proven brands: Arena, Speedo, TYR, Head. They have many years of experience in sewing sportswear and know everything about fabric technology.

Swimwear is made of nylon, polyamide, lycra, polyester and microfiber. These materials are chosen for their elasticity and resistance to chlorinated water. The addition of lycra to the composition of the material allows the equipment not to lose shape and remain like new for a long time. However, it is important to check that this material is present in the composition only by 30%: a large amount will cause skin irritation. Swimsuits, which have added lycra, have a slimming and corrective effect. They help hide problem areas.

Polyester is used to produce inexpensive bathing suits that wipe and lose color faster than others. Elastane and spandex options are highly durable. They fit the figure like a glove and do not stretch over time.

Cotton sets attract with their naturalness and environmental friendliness, but they wear out quickly and dry for a long time. They are not suitable for frequent workouts.

Quick-drying models are created from taktel – a mixture of lycra and knitwear. They are soft and breathable. However, they are in the expensive segment.

Polyamide swimwear is not afraid of long exposure to chlorinated water. They are highly durable and dry quickly. The nylon models have a snug fit and fit perfectly. They are denser, and therefore the skin can burn in them. Microfiber models are fundamentally different. This material is thinner and more breathable. The fabric is soft and delicate to the touch, it does not chafe.

When choosing a form for frequent workouts in the pool, you should refuse cotton in the composition. Chlorine quickly eats away at natural fibers, turning a new thing into a rag. He will not be able to serve even a season. Chlorine can damage not only the outer fabric, but also the elastic in the straps. It is worth choosing a model where the role of the edging and the tie is performed by the fabric itself.

It is a mistake to think that sports swimsuits come in plain, boring colors. Manufacturers develop models with bright prints and drawings. Everyone will find a shape to their liking.

Size selection

A properly sized swimsuit will fit well for comfort during workouts. A small or slightly large version will pick up skin. Professionals always lubricate the places of contact of the seams with the body with an anti-rubbing cream before the swim.

To find the perfect fit, you need to know the circumference of your hips, waist and chest. If you want to buy a bodice with a neckline and sleeves, then you should consider the size of the shoulders. A fitted two-piece swimsuit will not cause discomfort even with an intense workout.

Main selection criteria:

  • the model should fit snugly;
  • no wrinkles appear on the fabric;
  • swim trunks and bodice should not hinder movement;
  • both parts of the model should be easy to take off and on.
Comfortable and stylish: how to choose a split swimsuit for the pool

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