Do you know about snorkeling !?

Snorkeling or snorkeling is a type of swimming under the surface of the water using a mask and a breathing tube, often the equipment is supplemented with fins and a wetsuit to increase comfort and ease of movement in the water environment. The purpose of this type of swimming is not a record or a competition. The main means of motivation is the desire to cognize and contemplate the underwater world as it is, primordial and natural. In addition to aesthetic pleasure, snorkeling also has applied value. In clear water, rescue teams often look for people in this way.
Who can snorkel?

Who can snorkel?

The main advantage of snorkeling is its versatility. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what gender you are. To start this kind of activity, only desire is enough. You will not receive excessive loads on the body, so there are no special contraindications! The main thing is to rely on your well-being and control the time spent in the water, which directly depends on the temperature. Prolonged exposure to cool water can lead to seizures and severely deplete your internal resources.

Where can I snorkel?

By and large, it can be any body of water with warm water, the absence of strong currents and a rich underwater world. The delightful landscape of the coral reef with its inhabitants is certainly more tempting than the stone bottom of the Black Sea coast, but as they say to each his own. We must learn to see beauty in the simplest!

What equipment do you need for snorkeling?

First of all you need a swimming mask. Currently, their range is truly huge. How to choose a swimming mask correctly, so as not to regret later – external examination, reviews, material from which it was made, form, all this will help us.

Next, you need to select the breathing tube and fins. Here the main thing is comfort, choose the one that is most convenient for you.
I will express my personal opinion about purchasing a wetsuit … You should buy it only after snorkeling becomes not just an entertainment, but grows into a hobby and a part of your life.

To start practicing this type of swimming, you must still have certain skills in behavior in the water, confidently stay on the water surface, fearlessly immerse your head and face in the water. Therefore, before you start, soberly assess your strength. If necessary, take a basic swimming course with an experienced instructor, then boldly go towards adventure and conquer new waters.